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UNISAFE use Blockchain to Ensure Transparency and Traceability of Donations to Final Recipient


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Corruption in the NGO World: How to Tackle it  With Blockchain Tech

As a complex global phenomenon with significant local consequences, corruption is a critical aspect of humanitarian thinking and action. Good governance and transparency are at the heart of NGO legitimacy.

UNISAFE use blockchain to ensure transparency and traceability of donations to the final recipient.

Corruption is a sensitive issue in the NGO world

Humanitarian aid provides essential post-natural disaster relief. However, corruption is a huge problem in humanitarian aid as it often flows through unmonitored channels. Consequently, it is hard to ensure that the aid given reaches its target audience as it is hard to trace and track the handling of this aid in the midst of a national crisis such as a natural disaster. Misappropriation in humanitarian aid is not an issue that will be solved overnight.

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