Experimented Team

founder unisafe


She is Founder and Marketing Manager, his work focusing on partnerships, data analytics, marketing, community management, and growth of organic culture. 

She had a good experience at the Microsoft compagny.


He is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UNISAFE Project. 

He's an investor in high-tech startups,  an advisor to governments, regulators, banks, and venture-backed companies.


​He is a Software Engineer, he has a strong and mixed profile being a quantitative developer with extensive expertise in electronic trading and asset management but also extensive programming knowledge ranging from C/C++, java up to python , HTML and CSS. Hai got recently hooked up to smart contract programming and is a blockchain enthusiast. He's the specialist of technical work.


He has got a bachelor in Information Engineering and is studying applied mathematics and computer science at École Polytechnique (French MIT). With experience in web development and deep learning, he is passionate about all kinds of innovative technologies related to computer science. 

DIABY Fatou​

She is the event coordinator, she was head of mission for United Nations in Uganda. 

She has a good contact network in Africa and strong experience with humanitary programs.

WATSON Alexander

He holds a Bachelor degree in economics and a Master in finance. After several experiences in banking investment and risk management, he wanted to dedicate his career to a new challenge, driven by his deep passion for crypto currencies and blockchain revolution.